AftaRobot Pilot Launch

Yesterday saw the launch of a pilot program to modernize the local taxi industry through mobile technology.

Sowertech in partnership with the Alexandra, Randburg, Midrand and Sandton Taxi Association (ARMSTA) officially launched a range of mobile services for commuters as well as the enterprise side of the association at an event held in Alexandra.

While location based technology is nothing new, many of the estimated 40 million daily commuters still do not own devices with GPS and as such the team from Sowertech developed AftaRobot to provide smart commuter services through USSD and smart apps.

The pilot is the first phase of rolling out the services nationally and across Africa and will initially focus on 2 routes within the Johannesburg region.

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One Response to “AftaRobot Pilot Launch”

  1. Lesciba

    Interesting idea, i have a similar idea but much more sophisticated. I decided to shelve it temporarily due to lack of seed finance, but I’ll soon restart it. Figured I could partner with the Soweterch guys but they are probably very busy.

    Good luck, interesting idea with potential indeed.


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