Calling Southern African teams to apply. Go make us PROUD!

Hope Grauel, Croatia

Jun 05, 2014

GEW has begun accepting applications for 10×10, a global hackathon it is organizing as part of the upcoming GEC2 in Croatia this September. Ten teams comprised of participants from ten countries are competing in the three-day challenge.

Designed to inspire and rally the next generation of entrepreneurs, 10×10 aims to equip young, aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to build the next generation of startups. Hackathon teams must draw from their cultural diversity, energy and specific skill sets to tackle real world problems and create marketable solutions.

When the competition concludes, competitors will have launched a business, established relationships with peers from other countries and gained new perspectives on entrepreneurship to share with their communities in their home countries.

Upon their arrival to Croatia, competitors will be placed on teams based on their background and experience. The teams will have three days to launch an innovative startup addressing a compelling problem facing the global community.

10×10 is open to young people between the ages of 18-30 whose skills place them in one of the following three categories:

  • Coders with software, web or mobile developing experience may apply as a “developer.”
  • Those with a background in web, mobile, graphic or UX/UI design may apply as a “designer.”
  • Young people with a non-technical background in marketing, PR or business management may apply their skills under the “non-technical” category.

Applications will be accepted until July 18, 2014, and selected participants will be provided with complimentary travel and accommodations. The hackathon takes place from September 20-23 in thehistoric coastal city of Split.

10×10 aims to inspire and rally the next generation of entrepreneurs to solve the world’s problems: one startup at a time.

To learn more or to apply, please visit the 10×10 website.