Citroen Creative Awards 2012


We use smartphones to manage our daily lives. Cars are increasingly connected and digital technology is set to change the way we travel.

Imagine if you could have unlimited access to all the information on your car, whether technical (speed, fuel consumption/CO2, geolocation, onboard computer, camera pictures, etc.) or other (dealership, servicing, repairs, diagnosis, advice, vehicle traffic, etc.): “what innovative smartphone apps would you design to make life easier for drivers or passengers?

Some of the ideas submitted will be presented on the site, to provide a basis for comments and discussion, or even to inspire you.


1st prize: €10,000
2nd prize: €4,000
3rd prize: €1,500
Public choice prize: €1,500
All the winners will receive an invitation to Paris to collect their prize and enjoy an exclusive tour of PSA’s virtual reality centre.

HOW TO TAKE PART Submit your idea with a summary and descriptive text in French or English, along with between one and three image files in JPG format for illustration. You should also give your application a title.


12 I 17 I 2012 Competition starts
02 I 10 I 2013 Competition ends
02 I 13 I 2013 Voting by the public opens
March 2013 Announcement of winners