Codetribe Academy Graduate becomes the youngest professional to join the biggest IT services company

This is Moloto Malema, a former student of the Codetribe Academy. He got a job at the biggest IT services company headquatered in Mumbai, India. He is the youngest in his team and the first African to join the company.
Malema, Codetribe’s former student who’s joined the biggest IT services company in the world.


In a country where youth unemployment is high, it is a major achievement when a young person gets  a job, especially in their field of interest.

Moloto Malema is a 29 years old young man from the Limpopo province, he holds a Diploma in IT from the University of South Africa (UNISA). He joined the Codetribe Academy in 2020 at the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown, this was a time of high economic recession but he never lost hope. 

At the beginning of 2020, Malema was looking for a job after completing his IT diploma at UNISA. Trying to find employment is a stressful process in an economy like South Africa’s. Before the beginning of the Coronavirus national lockdown, Malema got a job offer from UNISA. Unfortunately, he never started the job because the Coronavirus national lockdown had just begun. 

Malema had applied to be at Codetribe Academy and was scheduled for an interview with the academy for enrolment. The interview was also cancelled as he was looking forward to it since the UNISA job did not work out. “All my interviews have been turned down, what’s wrong with me?”, he wondered. 

                “Then a miracle happened”

A week later, Malema received a call from mLab Limpopo to schedule an interview with him. “The person who called offered to buy me data to join the virtual interview”, said Malema. The interview was successful and he was enrolled into Codetribe Academy. 

This programme provides training and work experience to talented young people. Its graduates are skilled in coding, scrum agile management, mobile development and other soft skills. 

Malema asserts that after meeting the facilitator of the programme in Limpopo, his life changed. Codetribe Limpopo is facilitated by Tyson Motlhabeng, “he is really cool”, Malema described him. 

He values the guidance he has received and continues to receive from Motlhabeng. Before joining Codetribe Academy, Malema did not know Angular. Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications using HTML and Typescript. Under the guidance of Motlhabeng, Malema has mastered the skill. 

“Tyson would always tell us to not panic and that nothing is difficult, just find a way to solve it differently”, said Malema. Consequently, Malema also adopted this emotional approach to things. He says the Codetribe programme led him to where he is right now. 

Malema currently works for TATA Consultancy Services which is a multinational  IT services and consultancy company headquartered in Mumbai. It is the top employer in Europe and the United Kingdom and the leading IT services provider in India. TATA Consultancy Services is a subsidiary of the TATA Group, it operates in 46 countries. 

Malema’s road to getting a life changing opportunity

One of the most nerve wracking parts of trying to find a job is the interview process. This part determines if you will get the job or not. 

Malema says he is grateful to the Codetribe Programme Facilitator Tyson Motlhabeng for his support.  Motlhabeng was there to give advice to Malema for his very first interview, he advised Malema on how to answer certain questions. 

Malema went through five interviews to get the job. He says at the last interview, he did not think he would succeed. This process reminds him that every effort that a person makes, counts. “Right now, I am known in South Asia”, Malema added. 

He never imagined himself working for an international company and pleads with other students at Codetribe Academy to take the programme seriously. Malema asserts the programme will get them somewhere.

Highlighting his background and the importance of education

He comes from a township called Bochum in Limpopo. As a young black male he is eager to succeed and be the change he wants to see in Bochum. Malema believes young people from his hometown could become like him regardless of their home circumstances. 

He recalls a time during his matric exams when his friend did not have school trousers: 

“One of my friends did not have school trousers, so he would wear mine if I was not writing on the same day as him.”

This experience influenced him to focus on education. Malema contends that education helps to open big opportunities and better people’s lives. He knows this because he failed grade 11, repeated the grade and did not give up. “I was an average student and I was struggling a lot”, he said. 

Malema advises South African youth to study for qualifications that are in demand. 

                      “My ultimate goal”

“My ultimate goal is to become a Senior Developer and a Technical Lead”, said Malema. He wants to help empower young people who are interested in IT, and plans to do this by taking advantage of his position’s agency and its power.


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