Corporate Skills, Enterprise and Supplier Development

Get relevant and innovation linked value from your Skills and Enterprise Development efforts

Connect with us to learn more about our uniquely digital, technology and innovation focused Skills, Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes that helps Multinationals and South African companies achieve their Skills and ESD points on their B-BBEE scorecard.

Unlike most programmes the mLab believes in helping develop new enterprises from early stage rather than trying to just source startups to match ESD requirements. We believe in relevance and as such have developed unique programmes that give you an opportunity to actively participate in the development of talent and businesses that will bring long term value to your business, talented South African youth, new black owned SMMEs and the economy.

Partners are guided on achieving their scorecards through sponsoring facilitated programmes that support black-owned businesses within the technology and innovation sector.

Stop waiting for the right skills and suppliers to connect with your business and join us in actively building an inclusive and youth empowered digital economy.

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We are currently not back at the office yet, but we are reachable through our office number 012 844 0240 or via email at