We are Hiring! Northern Cape

Role: Junior Intern Coordinator Kimberley, Northern Cape

This internship is perfect for someone who is fascinated by the digital economy and wants to contribute to the shaping of the tech landscape in the Northern Cape. This is a diverse role in nature and will require an interest in technology, problem solving and a passion for positively impacting the lives of people.

Some of the key responsibilities in this role will include:

* Representing mLab within a specific geographical region,

* Working with the Provincial Coordinator and key team members to define the unique requirements and resources within the region,

* Designing, customizing and implementing the mLab’s core programmes,

* Help in planning and hosting of programmes, events and activities for the Lab’s community,

* Working with local, regional and international partners to design, host and track outcomes from custom programmes,

* Build and enable a local community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers and innovators,

* Manage all event operations (preparing venue, invitations etc.),

* Doing final checks at the day of the event (e.g. tables, technology) to ensure everything meets standards,

* Oversee event happenings and act quickly to resolve problems,

* Building and grounds maintenance,

* Cleaning and managing the cleaning crew,

* Space management,

* Venue Booking Management,

* Answer queries from community about mLab Northern Cape


* Excellent communication skills on an individual and public level,

* Patience and humility,

* Self motivated and the ability to work without supervision and sometimes in isolation,

* An entrepreneurial spirit,

* Good understanding of co-creation principles, team dynamics and broader project stakeholder management,

* Outgoing and professional personality,

* Interested in continuous learning,

* Attention to detail.


* Driver’s License,

* Grade 12 Qualification and upwards,

* Proven track record in: Event Management

  •    Entrepreneurial Knowledge or exposure
  •    Administration Experience

* Existing network and ability to build a larger trusted network within the local ecosystem,

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