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We have a vision to create Africa’s most vibrant technology and innovation ecosystem through building new and inclusive innovation communities, teaching code, hosting lean innovation and co-creation work and accelerating digital start-ups.

With two new mLabs launching this year we are excited to invite applications for mLab & Coding Academy Facilitators for both Kimberley and Polokwane. Please see role descriptions below.

Role: mLab Facilitator (1 x Kimberley, Northern Cape and 1 x Polokwane, Limpopo) fixed term contract

The role of a Facilitator is a challenging but highly rewarding one. It is very diverse in nature and will require an interest in technology, problem solving and a passion for positively impacting the lives of people. Your qualifications are important and will bring a unique value to our team but it wont define your work. Some of the key responsibilities in this role will include:

• Representing mLab within a specific geographical region.
• Working with the CEO and key team members to define the unique requirements and resources within the region.
• Designing, customizing and implementing the mLab’s core programmes.
• Hosting of programmes, events and activities for the Lab’s community.
• Working with local, regional and international partners to design, host and track outcomes from custom programmes.
• Build and enable a local community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers and innovators.
• Work with startups on a daily basis to ensure they achieve their milestones.
• Manage the daily running of the mLab.
• As this mLab is new a key part of the role will be in setting up and launching the Lab.

What you will need

• Excellent communication skills, on an individual and public level,
• Understanding of the local ecosystem, the role players, its maturity and the ability to develop a clear vision and goals for the specific lab,
• Patience and humility,
• Self motivated and the ability to work without supervision and sometimes in isolation,
• An entrepreneurial spirit,
• Good understanding of co-creation principles, team dynamics and broader project stakeholder management,
• Formal Qualification,
• Driver’s License,
• Outgoing and professional personality,
• Interested in continues learning,
• Existing network and ability to build a larger trusted network within the local ecosystem,
• Attention to detail,
• Must have South African Citizenship.

What will give you an advantage

• Qualification and/or experience in SCRUM Agile
• Qualification and/or experience in Software development/Design/Business Analyses
• Being highly proficient in Excel
• M&E experience
• Experience in working with students and youth.

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Role: Coding Academy Facilitator & Lead Developer (1 x Kimberley, Northern Cape, 1 x Polokwane, Limpopo) fixed term contract

mLab is looking for a talented Android Developer to join our team as training facilitator and lead developer at our new academy.
You will be leading a team of passionate young and aspiring developers in learning Mobile Development as well as contributing to the development of some exciting app projects.

What you will need

• Have at least 2 years of Native Android development experience.
• Have experience in JAVA.
• Have experience working with remote data via REST and JSON.
• Have a published application on Google Play or be able to provide an APK and GitHub reference to an app if not published.
• Have a good understanding of Material Design.
• Understand backend and front-end development, architecture and design.
• Preferred candidates would have some Agile SCRUM experience.
• Enjoy sharing with and teaching others. Part of the job will include hosting weekly sessions at our and partner academies.
• Can communicate clearly and be able to engage directly with our partners and clients.
• Must be passionate about learning and staying up to date with the latest SDK’s, API’s, third-party libraries, designs and technologies.
• Must enjoy the Hackathon culture, be self-motivated, excel under pressure and thrive on autonomy.
• Have good understanding of Firebase SDK
• Good understanding of Git or Github
• Must have a valid driver’s license.
• Must have South African Citizenship.

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