Mobile Developer Survey

With the rapid rise in popularity of mobile developers its time that we as African developers and innovators add your voices and opinions to the global call on what is important for developers, what we think about certain topics and brands and help shape strategies. You can help by participating in regular surveys powered by Evans Data.

To participate in the first quick survey please complete it here


Evans Data Corporation was created to fill the demand for market research, market intelligence, and strategic planning in the software development industry. Since then we have become the industry leader in market intelligence focused on all areas of development from software to hardware to mobility.

Developers present a highly focused, highly technical and very influential segment of the software industry, and the need to keep a finger on the pulse of the development community is well understood by many manufacturers. Because of the nature of development and the quickly changing technologies that form their world, traditional market research and consulting services seldom achieve adequate results.

At EDC we have in-depth and focused experience working with high-tech professionals, and we specialize in conducting market research in the IT and development community. We are experts in analyzing technology trends and attitudes. We know how to speak the language and ask the right questions and more importantly, we can understand the answers.

Whether you wish to drill down on a current topic in a well crafted report, need custom research done quickly and accurately, or desire the insight from professional focus groups, EDC can provide answers.