MTN Mind2Machine 2015

M2M Solutions Challenge
Take your connected devices solution to market.

MTN Business, in association with Intel and The Innovation Hub, are looking for the hottest development teams in South Africa – people with vision and innovation in their minds and in their code. If this sounds like you, we invite you to participate in the 2015 MTN Business Mind2Machine Awards. This event takes the form of a M2M solutions development challenge – the first of its kind in South Africa. The winners will have the chance to partner with Africa’s telecommunication and technology giant MTN Business in monetising their idea and launching it in the business market.

The Challenge has a dual purpose: to bring together a community of developers in the M2M space, and to foster the growth of M2M locally. Ultimately, MTN Business would like to partner with pioneering developers to bring exciting, original M2M solutions to the South African market. The winner of this competition will see his/her solution monetised in conjunction with MTN Business.

The briefing day

The briefing day – held at the MTN on April 17th – is compulsory for all entrants. No exceptions will be made. MTN Business will use this opportunity to present the business problems around which the whole development challenge centers, and participants will bid for their prefered business vertical. MTN Business will also be able to further explain the prize partnership, the winning criteria, and answer any questions developers may have. Additional sponsors Innovation Hub and Intel will also address the competitors and use this opportunity to showcase other exciting opportunities.


MTN is looking for big, bold and exciting solutions*. The concept is paramount, but the final submission from participants must be a working prototype software solution to demonstrate a majority of the final components’ functionality, and show scalability to the final concept. It must also be clear what the intended platform, market solution is for the proposed business problem. Entrants will be judged on the quality of the overall idea as well as the prototype (implementation) demonstrated.

As part of your final submission, participants will be expected to present a proposed budget and timeline for completion of their solution, including “man hours” and resources required. MTN will not be responsible for bringing the solution to a commercial ready state. The onus remains with the development team. MTN’s relationship only commences thereafter.

What’s in it for you?

Yes, awards can mean bragging rights and industry kudos, but those don’t pay the bills. This grand prize for this challenge, on the other hand, will see your big idea monetised, and launched to market, in partnership with MTN Business, a connected and influential ICT company. This is your chance to gain business, clients and grow your company:

  • Launch your M2M solution into the market
  • Tap into the diverse and influential MTN Business market & network
  • Become a leader in local M2M development, as this exciting trend begins to grow


  • It is the first competition of its kind in the country
  • MTN Business will choose a first prize for each business sector, but there is opportunity for other innovative application developers to partner with MTN Business on their ideas
  • At the final awards event, all participants will be able to showcase their project on a dedicated pitch desk. Many of the country’s top CIOs and industry’s key figures will be in attendance. So even if you are not chosen as an eventual winner, this is a huge opportunity to grow your business and showcase your talent to the right crowd
  • The competition and winners will be promoted within local media and on social media
  • Exciting, early-stage solutions will be offered a place on one of The Innovation Hub’s product or business development programmes

How to Enter:

To enter your team in the Mind2Machine Awards, and to book a place at the briefing day, please contact Creative Space Media on 011 467 3341 or

*T&C’s apply

  1. All appointments of any nature with regard to this initiative must flow via standard procurement and governance procedures.
  2. Must stay in line with revenue share models as set out by Group at a minimum 60/40 in favor of MTN.
  3. All companies participating in the challenge must be registered entities with legitimate bank accounts.
  4. If participating as an individual or research team, and selected as a winner, you will be expected to work with The Innovation Hub until you are a registered entity
  5. MTN will have exclusive rights to the winning partnership product for 36 months from date of challenge completion. MTN reserves the right to white label the solution.
  6. The GTM has to be through MTN
  7. Withdrawal from the competition may carry a cancellation fee, and must be communicated in writing to the organisers.