RFQ: Gauteng Innovation Challenge Website

The mLab Southern Africa (SA) has been tasked with managing a Gauteng Innovation Challenge (GIC) for mobile solutions on behalf of the Innovation Hub. Such challenges essentially invite members of the public to submit entries that either solve a particular problem, or simply demonstrate the most innovative apps in a particular sector. Examples of other past and present challenges include the following:

A core part of any online challenge is the website itself. The mLab SA is requesting proposals with quotes for the design, development and hosting of a challenge site.

Download the RFQ document (PDF)

2 Responses to “RFQ: Gauteng Innovation Challenge Website”

  1. kevin Cartmell

    I have been developing Joomla for 12 years when it started and Mambo – See the changes in the code over the years is amaizing – if you want to develop innovative website I can help – if you need innovative domain names I can help – I have a lot of widget domains available

  2. Mariela Brandis

    One’s mind has a means of making itself up without anyone’s knowledge, and yes it suddenly becomes clear what one methods to do.
    It’s name is a pen. It’s just like a printer, hooked straight to my brain.


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