Startup Story

The ARC(Agricultural Research Council) and its key stakeholders, identified the need to develop a technology driven platform to support farmers, research experts and advisors.

The app provides farmers with relevant information, as well as access to ARC experts at their fingertips. It further aims to bridge the institutional divide in the farming industry. Farmers and extension officers can access all the information and contact ARC researchers or experts for further assistance, as the app allows for sharing of early warning information to better handle risk to the sector.

The ARC Hub requires that all users register themselves as a requirement in order to allow ARC to improve support by sharing relevant information as guided by the user profiles in terms of location and types of enterprises.


The ARC would like to acknowledge the financial support from the Department of Science and Technology, Chief Directorate: Innovation for Inclusive Development as well as the development team from mLab Southern Africa and nFactorial as the collaborating partners.