Startup Story

Founded by Nthati Mthembu; an IT Programme Head, an avid mother of two, the App has the ability to monitor, schedule and open two way communication key contacts & parents regarding their children’s movement through out the day. Not only does the App allow you to schedule pick-ups, but also it is created to capture your children’s milestones throughout the day and serves, as a reminder to parent’s important dates….. ensuring that they never miss a moment in their child’s life.

“It is important to note is that this App does not replace the human interaction but caters for all those who want record of their child’s every moment, Connected, like many ground-breaking digital innovations, originated from the need to creatively ease the carrying out of everyday tasks. As a full-time mom with a highly demanding job, this would be mine and many parents saving grace.” Nthati Mthembu, Founder of Connected

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