Startup Story

On the 4th of January 2014, I (Neo Hutiri) was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) and started my treatment. I was collecting medication from my public clinic. The initial treatment phase of my disease was 6 months. During my treatment, my biggest challenge was the long waiting times at the clinic, I was losing over 4 hours on long queues with every visit.

Most of the people that waited along with me had to miss work just to collect. It was after this experience that I started thinking about how I can solve this challenge for myself and others. My team and I understand first hand, what it means to plan your day around a visit to the clinic. We are very familiar with how demotivating it is to wait for hours on hours just to comply with treatment cycles when you could be at work. We’ve seen people abscond from treatment because of their monthly pay getting affected/docked due to hours spent on clinic queues. We’ve just decided to do something about it. We are looking to develop a range of technologies that assist with last mile collection of parcels. We planning to roll out our technology to drive 300 collection sites within the next two years