Tech Demo Africa, 2013

tech demo africaIT News Africa partnering with The Innovation Hub hosted Tech Demo Africa 2013. The event took place on the 21-22 May. Several of our start ups got the opportunity to demo their mobile Apps and projects.

“Tech Demo Africa 2013 is an industry platform that offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services, and is targeted at key industry influencers, business leaders, as well as local and international media. The event will focus on two main areas: Enterprise Technology and Mobile Applications, incorporating discussion of burning IT issues such as Mobility, BYOD, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Enterprise Innovation and Startup funding. CIOs and other executive level decision makers are afforded an opportunity to view product demos that directly address their challenges”.


We interviewed Co-founder of JatoMobile


Kenilwe3AfricanMobileAwards and JataMolibe products-Daniel Tettey Addy

Tell us little bit about your company?

Jatamobile is a mobile content design outfit based at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria. Established by Daniel Tettey Addy in 2008, the firm has managed to adhere to its initial belief in providing quality and value in service. With a product list as diverse as its client base, Jatamobile has expertise in creating beautiful and functional mobile experiences. In addition to consumer-focused products like app design, content production and viral mobile marketing solutions, Jatamobile is now organizing the Inaugural African Mobile Awards in November 2013.





What Product Demo did you present?

African Mobile Awards (AMA)

  • The AMA will be held in November 2013
  •  Awards will be inclusive of tech hubs, incubators, and blogs in the planning and execution phase.
  •  The Judging panel for the AMA will be primarily sourced from the incubators and hubs that have played a commendable role in the promotion of innovation on the continent.
  •  The demo had a video explaining the back ground around the formation of the Awards.

Jatamobile Products/Services

  • Character Development and Animation
  •  Viral Mobile Marketing
  •  Ringtones for Special Campaigns
  •  Mobile User Interface Design
  • Video Production – Capture and Post Production
  • Wallpaper Design

What was your Experience?

The two day Tech Demo has been a wonderful eye opening experience. As Jatamobile we have been afford an opportunity to interact with other “players” in the African ICT sector. The demo presentations were very informative and gave us insights into how we can adjust operations going forward, especially in the data management area. It was great to speak on a level playing field with large firms not normally easily accessible and this has given us valuable new contacts as we plan and execute the African Mobile Awards. On the whole the Tech Demo was a well appreciated experience, an eye opener and motivating experience.

What have you learned?

Attending the demo sessions taught us the different ways of presenting information and ways of engaging the audience. The content in the sessions was a wealth of knowledge as we learnt valuable lessons on managing operations in terms of aspects like data security and advantages of employing cloud computing among st others. We also learnt the importance of networking as through this process our firm could be exposed to expertise we could employ to streamline operations. Another lesson we learnt was the vastness of the ICT sector in Africa and that mobile had the significance of being able to work across sector platforms and benefit them all. The panel discussions gave us the opportunity to hear from industry expects their views on issues affecting the industry on a local scale and globally.


Derrick Kotze, CEO of mlab Southern Africa said “Events like these, that open op the stage for smaller tech start-ups to present their innovations with the likes of Intel, Samsung and SAS, are incredibly important. It allows young entrepreneurs not only to practice their “pitching” but also builds their confidence and gives their products a much needed mindshare boost. I hope to see more mainstream events creating such opportunities as part of their general agendas. A big thank you to IT News Africa and The Innovation Hub for organizing the event and inviting our members.”