Vodacom AppStar

Please note that the AppStar Challenge competition closing date has been extended to the 15thNovember 2013.

On Friday 25th October there was a heavy traffic on the site and several people were trying to upload BIG files at the same time and that affected a delay in uploading. 

Additional development platforms have also been added and BlackBerry, IOS, and Windows apps can now be entered.

appStar is the annual developer contest conducted by Vodafone across several countries in Africa & Asia. appStar 2013 is the latest edition of appStar to bring out all those innovative and cool apps that you always dreamt of developing. Our intent is to provide a platform for all local developers in the region to be showcased on a larger stage.

You made appStar 2012 a great success. That has encouraged us beyond measure to kick start appStar 2013 with a fresh look & richer features. For example, we have introduced an ‘Ideas Contest’ for non-developers to submit their app ideas (not that we block developers from submitting ideas but you know, we hope developers would have already built it!!).

You are eligible to participate if you are a developer from one of these countries: Egypt, Kenya, India, South Africa, and Tanzania (Read T&Cs for detailed eligibility criteria)

As in 2012, the contest will be two-phased. You will first compete with developers in your country. The top two developers from each country will then compete at an international stage (where you get to present / demo your app to a larger audience). The final winners are announced during the international contest. The international contest location is being worked on (watch this space!).

The local contest has different categories.Look at your country page for details.

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