Workshop: Simulation-based UI design – 19 March

How do you know if a UI is good or bad? Are there other, more systematic, ways to design good UI’s that divine inspiration?


In this workshop we will look into ways of evaluating the effectiveness and “goodness” of different UI designs and looks into simulation as a method for consistently designing good ones.The workshop draws from experience and insights of UI design in Reaktor – an highly successful Finnish software consulting company with about 400 software professionals and over 50 UI, graphic and concept designers.

Date : 19 March 2016
Venue: mLab’s CodeTribe House, The Innovation Hub, Pretoria
Time : 10:30

Joonas Lyytinen is an UX Specialist and Research Director at Reaktor with more than fifteen years of experience in the software industry as a developer, UI designer and manager.
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