My World

Mfactory recently launched their first version of My World, a series of fun and educational games aimed at pre-schoolers.

“The game levels and episodes cover the basics of the players life. They start out in their bedroom which has a number of objects to interact with and lead to a meaningful learning experience.” says founder Blessing Mahlalela.

Lead designer at mFactory, Kim Mukenge, described the entire game as a human journey from waking up in morning to going to sleep at night, from Monday to Sunday, from January to December. “My World will take children from their bedroom’s, to school and the zoo with great learning opportunities along the way, with their new best friend and guide “Miss Cloe”

My World was conceptualized in 2013, after realizing that there was a need to improve the way children are educated and also, to make education as entertaining as children’s movies and tv shows.

Mfactory is in the process of further development of more levels, extensions and episodes for the My World series.

To play and participate in the journey you can download the app on the android store