You did it, now it’s time to celebrate: Kimberly Codetribe Academy 2022 Graduation

Oratile Prince Rapoo (Left) and Landezwa Natu (Right)

Graduation day is a very special one, a day dedicated to celebrating progression and honouring the work of students. mLab’s Codetribe Academy in Kimberly in the Northern Cape, held its graduation ceremony on 25 March 2022. Veronica Mahlangu, the Skills Accelerator and Coordinator of the programme described it as a ‘difference maker in society’. 

Landezwa Natu and Oratile Prince Rapoo, from the class of 2021 shared their special moments at Codetribe and painted a picture of what the future looks like after graduation. 

      ‘Here I am graduating 9 months later’

Landezwa Natu (28)

This is one of the greatest days of 2022 for Landezwa Natu, she says it is a big achievement for her to be a Codetribe Academy graduate. 

Natu says there were moments when she wanted to quit the programme because it was overwhelming. She comes from a background of little knowledge about Programming but has always had an interest in the industry. “Being here today feels amazing, I now have something to show that  I was doing over the 9 months”, Natu added. 

Natu wishes to be one of the women who create safe spaces for women in the technology industry. “This industry is intimidating and competitive but I want women to be confident about the work they do in the industry”, said Natu. 

Before joining the Codetribe Academy, Natu was unemployed. She had a small business which did not grow as she wanted, due to the Covid-19 national lockdown. Now that she has graduated, she looks forward to finding a stable job and exploring the STEM industry. 

There are many times Oratile felt like quitting

Oratile Prince Rapoo, a young man hailing from Rustenberg also graduated on this day. When Rapoo joined the Codetribe Academy, he wanted to upskill himself in mobile app development. ‘I found the programme very helpful’, said Rapoo. 

Rapoo highlighted that being at Codetribe helped him gain an ability which is hard for most people to practice: self-discipline. “It feels good to be graduating today because there are many times when I felt like quitting, this is truly rewarding”, he said. 

He says he would advise anyone who wants to upskill themselves in mobile app development to apply to be at Codetribe Academy. He asserts that the programme will help them gain practical skills and become market-ready. 

Rapoo has his own registered company, which focuses on website and mobile app development. He hopes to find employment to gain momentum and the agency to embark on his business endeavours. 

The people who make the Codetribe Academy successful

Veronica Mahlangu (far left), Kabelo Gaotlhaelwe (2nd left), Henleo Louw (2nd from right) & Ivan Johnson (far right)

Veronica Mahlangu, the Skills Accelerator and Facilitator of the Codetribe Academy wishes the graduates to climb the ladder of success. 

Mahlangu hopes the Codetribe Academy could grow and become a hub where companies could source talent. She is confident that the skills which students gain from the programme are important for the industry. 

She highlighted the importance of a programme like Codetribe: 

“Codetribe is important because it makes a difference in society, students gain practical skills and work experience from this programme which makes them ready for employment”.  

‘Our graduates are now ready to go do great things’

The Skills Accelerator of the Codetribe Academy in Kimberly, Kabelo Gaotlhaelwe asserts that they teach students skills of the future. He is confident after these 9 months, the graduates are ready to tap into the work industry.


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