Agriculture Entrepreneur Nakedi Suzan Leshabane bags resource support worth R100,000 at AgriTourZA's Pitch Demo Day

06 September, 2023



Zukanye Madakana

At the recent AgriTourZA’s pitch demo day hosted in Limpopo by mLab on 31 August 2023, agriculture entrepreneur Nakedi Suzan Leshabane took the Top 1 spot at startup demo finale, walking away with R100,000. Leshabane, the proud owner of the agriculture small business known as “Thuto Temo Ya Nakedi,” has been on an inspiring journey of growth and resilience in the agricultural sector.

The R100 000 prize will enable her to access resources such as market opportunities, technology development, IP support, and patenting assistance, all of which are important in the growth and sustainability of her business.

Leshabane’s journey with AgriTourZA began earlier this year when she participated in the programme’s pitching competition in June. Even then, she stood out as one of the most promising candidates. 

Leshabane’s humble beginnings and tireless determination

Reflecting on her remarkable achievement at AgriTourZA’s demo day, Leshabane revealed the challenging journey she undertook to reach the event venue. On that memorable day, she relied on public transport, carrying along bags filled with her agricultural produce, which she proudly showcased at the event. 

“Public transport is expensive for someone like me who does not have a consistent income, and on that day I had big bags full of my products, can you imagine how physically tiring that is?”, she laughed. 

Despite the difficulties she faced, winning the top prize was a powerful affirmation that she should never give up on her dreams. “I want my business to grow so that I can train local youth in farming practices and also become one of South Africa’s first agri-businesswomen to produce and export Macadamia Nuts”, she added. 

What’s next?  

As she sets her eyes on expanding her business, training youth, and making her mark in the export market, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will continue to have on the agricultural landscape of South Africa.

AgriTourZA’s Principal Facilitator Ms Choene Nkoana touched on the programme’s role in propelling Nakedi Suzan Leshabane’s Thuto Temo Ya Nakedi, along with three other startups, toward a trajectory of success.

“We will support their businesses with the knowledge, resources, and comprehensive support necessary to fast-track their business growth and prepare them for a prosperous commercial launch”, she said. 

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