We help co-create digital solutions that address social and economic challenges

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technology accelerator

mLab’s Innovation Lab is a creative space where our team supports digital solution development, especially those with a social impact focus.

With its feet in both the non-profit and digital enterprise spaces, mLab is uniquely positioned to co-create solutions for some of today’s most challenging scenarios. mLab coding academy graduates and start-ups are included in the projects where possible so that they gain access to customers. mLab de-risks them by providing oversight and mentorship to ensure the successful delivery of client projects.

Past projects include a cancer awareness solution, water quality monitoring system for rural communities and an agriculture shared-knowledge repository. Other solutions include a gender-based violence solution for the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, and youth unemployment solution for the South African Presidency through the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI).


Artificial Intelligence

themed webinars, hackathon and
post-hack incubation

Unleash Innovation, Transform Tomorrow



A company that offers an array of products and services including livestock feed, as well as veterinarian and security services, saving farmers a lot of money in transportation whilst contributing to food security.


The ARC(Agricultural Research Council) and its key stakeholders, identified the need to develop a technology driven platform to support farmers, experts and advisors.


Farmru is an Agri-Tech low-cost hardware, software and applications provider with innovations that are tailored to assist smallholder farmers in rural areas in Limpopo, South Africa, and the rest of Africa. Farmru’s mission is guided by a fundamental strategy to promote rural development, food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture practices. Farmru uses technology to equip farmers to become more efficient and knowledgeable by using technology in agriculture activities.

mini SASS

miniSASS is used to monitor the health of a river and measure the general quality of the water in that river. It uses the make-up of macro-invertebrates (small animals) living in rivers and is based on the sensitivity of the various animals to water quality.


mPowa, a member of the SA Youth Network, is a mobile app for South African youth, providing them with location-based, profile-specific information about services relating to employment, education and entrepreneurship in their vicinity.